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Science Symposium 2016

Recently the Science Symposium 2016 was held in IICT, Tarnaka. About 16 schools from Hyderabad participated in the event. This year's theme was "inquisitiveness - an apt active curiosity". The first half involved an interaction cum presentation session by leading scientsts followed by question and answer with students. In the second half there was an interactive workshop on "experiments and demonstration" by kutuhal foundation. The presentation themes in the morning were - "Know Your Scientist" by dr. Imran Siddiqui, scientist at CCMB,  "Metereology and its impact on daily life" by Dr. Y.K Reddy, Head, Metereological Centre, "Science and Technology - its present and future", by Dr. V.K Saraswat, former chief, DRDO. There was also a poster competition for the students. Three students were supposed to make a poster on "This is our INVENTION". The president of JU Alumni Hyderabad, Mr.Aniruddha Sengupta promised to sponsor atleast one idea if the students were willing to give shape to it.

The registration process started sharp at 8 AM, followed by a breakfast and formal inauguration by lighting the lamp and chanting of a Vedic prayer. Quiz was conducted at defined intervals as a fun activity by Bedadyuti, Gautam Das and others.

The event was concluded by a prize distribution among school students for the poster competition.



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