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Please contribute for web magazine Sharadiya Edition 2016

Dear Members,

One month more, 'Maa aschen'. Hope you all have started shopping and collecting Pujabarshikis. Wait, with all other magazines, the JU web magazine is also coming with the ‘pujosonkhya’ to fulfill your literary desire. As you all know, this opportunity is not just for reading, we are ready to welcome your contributions. Hence, we invite you to send in your contributions for the web issue by 28th September since we would like to publish it on ‘Mahalaya’, 30th September.

- There are no taboos when it comes to choosing your topic but do consider the fact that a lengthy piece is unsuitable for the web medium unless it is in verse.

- We would prefer soft copies due to time constraint of re-writingPlease type your article on MS Word. For Bengali scripts please use Avro software. You can download Avro from

You may provide illustrations/images, especially for travel related articles. Otherwise, our team of illustrators will use illustrations appropriate with the body of work.

Please don't forget we publish only those articles which have not appeared elsewhere. And do acknowledge sources as we hate to infringe on copyright.

The overbearing heat, the hectic work schedule - all provide perfect excuses but do find time to indulge in your creative side and contribute to JU web magazine.

Since puja is coming, the kids too can be cajoled into writing or wielding the paint brush for our children's section. So we look forward to your write-ups to ensure both the website and the literary magazine are up to the mark as a fitting tribute to our Alma mater.

Happy Scribbling!

Team Web-Mag

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