Jadavpur University Alumni Association Hyderabad Chapter


Barshoboron - The Naboborsho Celebration by JU Alumni family

The Naboborsho utsav took place in Aparna Cyber County on 21st April and was well planned and coordinated by Gautam Das, our new Cultural Secretary and Aindrila Chatterjee. All the members present were requested to participate in some form or the other and everybody enthusiastically responded. We had poems from Chandana di & Laltu da, songs from Koel, Sushmita and Priyanka and Gautam da. The food served by Debol was great and we all had a sumptuous feast.

Participants included Aniruddha da, Debashishda & Mandira Boudi, Debopam da and Aditi di, Laltu da, Chandana di, Nilu da and Aindrila di, Bilu and Priyanka, Gautam da, Subho, Pintu, Sujoy, Souvik, Soma di and Aritra da, Mousumi di, Sanway, Sayan and Sushmita, and new comers like Mahua and family.

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