Jadavpur University Alumni Association Hyderabad Chapter


Megh Peon Sharad (Puja) Edition is published

The Megh Peon Pujo edition comes with a host of beautiful articles. By reading the webzine you will get to know the birth of bitter gourd, will be able to visit the land of wizards, will be able to undertake a Journey to Mars while sitting on Earth, will be able to forge an Eternal Bond, will be able to know about the first Inter Galactic War, will be seeing the historic moment when Troodon met Goopi Bagha, know the Criterion of Success (Attitude towards I.Q), derive Inspiration, meet Humpty Dumpty, all in the Childrens' section Kheyal Khushi. 

There are many beautiful articles & poems in Bengali section, like one concerning our dear Madhab da - Dr. Madhab Chattopadhyay, similarly a host of great creative displays in English section, like the one from Amal da on the history of Indian Institute of Science. The Swad Pake Bandha with its mouth watering recipes and Rong Pencil with its wonderful sketeches from our children are added bonanza.

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