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MOM for the Bijoya Sanmiloni 23rd Oct

Members present :

Mr Debashis Basu, Mr and Mrs Arindam Dasgupta, Mr and Mrs Suman Dhar, Mr and Mrs Gautam Das, Mr and Mrs Saayon Chakraborty, Mr and Mrs Soumik De, Mr and Mrs Shantanu Dey, Mr Subhabrata Dutta Gupta, Mr Nilanjan Chatterjee, Mrs and Dr Subir Kr Choudhuri, Mrs Aindrila Chatterjee, Mr Manoj Kar, Mrs and Mr Oindrila Basu Mallik, Mr and Mrs Mustafizul Rahaman, Mrs and Mr Piyali Chakraborty, Mr Mithun Ranjit, Mr and Mrs Sougato Mitra, Mr and Mrs Abhi Majumdar, Mrs and Mr Mousumi Raychaudhuri, Sushanta Dutta

Following points were discussed and recorded : 


  • Philanthropy and Welfare activities :  
    1. There was a proposal of initiating social welfare activities in villages in Warangal and its vicinity... Members agreed to this proposal, in principle. A team from JUAAH will visit to one of the identified villages to explore on micro-details and understand the basic needs. Installation of bore-well in this area, where there is scarcity of water, and supporting some primary schools are activities, which were given a ground-thought by members. This is also an appeal to members, in general, for their concurrence and involvement in such mission.
    2. Mr Amal Chakraborty raised a proposal (over phone) for a Project on Water filtration Plant in Arsenic affected area. He has also proposed for promoting pottery, along with NIRD and experts from Kolkata, for the well-being of artisans in rural area.
    3. Mr Amal Chakraborty is also discussing on a JUAAH excursion, during November 2016, to Rural Tech Part and Tribal Handicraft Alliance. This would be a week-end outing for members, family and children in the lush greenery after monsoon. There would lunch at subsidized rate.
    4. Based on earlier mails from senior members, there was a proposal of forming a “Fund for pecuniary help” for needy. Members can contribute, voluntarily, to this Fund.
  • Cultural Program : 
    1.  The program on ‘talk-theatre’ is being organized on November 12, 2016 (Saturday evening). 

 Artists :  Smt Urmimala Basu and Sri Jagannath Basu. 

     Venue : CCRT, Kondapur – Madhapur Road.

                   Nilanjan Chatterjee, Debashis Mondal, Piyali Chakraborty, Subhabrata Dutta Gupta, Soumik De,  

     Goutam Das, Sujoy Sarkar, Mithun Ranjit, Abhi Majumdar and Mainak Mitra will be working on framing the

     event and logistics and co-opt others, as and when required…

  1. There would also be a ‘Ghoroa Adda’ with artists on 11.11.16. (Friday) at Kanchanbag. Thosem, who are interested to join this ‘Evening Gossip’, are requested to confirm to Laltuda (Dr Subir Chaudhuri) or Sushanta Dutta.
  • Technical and various Workshop : 
    1. Working towards making a creative, compassionate and collaborative India.
    2. There was a discussion on JUAAH organizing workshops/industry sessions in collaboration with industry, industry forums and educational institutions. Members deliberated on varying topics --- from current trends in industry in various segments like Industrial MFG, Automotive, Construction, IT and Technology to sessions on career options in these various industry segments. The choice of topics will depend on the type of workshop and audience. There are prominent industry practitioners in JUAAH, who can be speakers in these sessions.
    3. It was also discussed if we can collaborate with educational institutions in and around Hyderabad to organize industry awareness and career management programs. The proposal was to start in a small way, and looking at  the response, we shall explore on wider range. It was also pointed out, during our discussions, that this idea needs further planning -- whether opportunities of such nature exists and whether JUAAH can really scale up to participate in such forums. Members are requested to come up with more viable details so that such Workshops can be given a proper shape.
    4. Shantanu Dey, Sougato Mitra, Bedadyuti Chakraborty, Aindrila Chatterjee, Nilanjan Chatterjee, Dr Ruchira Sarbajna and Oindrila Basu Mallick are members to coordinate with…
  • Literary segment :
    1. Literary segment :  An appeal for writings on various topics was raised by Mrs Piyali Chakraborty to all members. There was a proposal of launching the ‘Bangla Nobo-borsho -1424” web-mag edition. Members are requested to start contributing and collecting writings, so that, the JUAAH ‘Drop box’ gets filled enough for the next lot.

The meeting was followed by Gaan, Goppo and dinner

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